Ciloa @France Bioproduction 2021

Ciloa is pleased to be a partner of the 5th edition of the France Bioproduction congress. Meet Robert Mamoun, Philippe Menasché and Guillaume Van Niel at the workshop “Exosomes, perspectives, challenges and achievements”  on Tuesday June 22 at 10 a.m. CEST.

The workshop will begin with an introduction on exosomes by Guillaume Van Niel; on this occasion you will have an overview of the complexity of their genesis, as well as on their roles as intercellular messengers. Their potential for creating a new generation of natural therapeutic vectors will then be addressed. Professor Philippe Menashé will share with us his work highlighting the regenerative functions of stem cell exosomes in cardiac repair. Robert Mamoun will then present Ciloa’s technology which allows all types of membrane proteins to be naturally grafted into the membranes of exosomes in order to modify their targeting and their therapeutic properties. Finally, the issues of the production and purification of exosomes that can be transferred to a process meeting GMP criteria will be discussed.

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