Ciloa @ISEV 2022 from 25 to 29 May (Lyon, France)

Ciloa’s team will  be pleased to present its last progress on extracellular vesicle (EV) editing and production. Come visit us at ISEV booth 10 from 25 to 29 May at the Lyon Convention Centre.

Our technology acts on the cellular machinery involved in exosome production allowing in vivo production of EVs bio-engineered with any membrane and/or cytosolic proteins.

It allows to :

  • create EV-based therapeutic vectors with the potential to deliver specifically chosen cargos to any type of cells;
  • protect EVs from undesired interactions to produce them in higher yield;
  • develop virus-free & adjuvant-free vaccines against emerging viruses.

If you cannot be present at the ISEV 2022 Annual Meeting contact us.

More info about ISEV 2022 : ISEV 2022 web site