Ubistart Tour 2014

Dr. R. Mamoun CEO/CSO of Ciloa will attend UBISTART Tour 2014 (JULY 10, 2014 – New York Academy of Sciences – NYC, USA) to meet North American innovators from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology, and healthcare industries interested in partnerships.

Ciloa was selected by the Galien Foundation and UBIFRANCE to present his disrupting “native membrane proteins on exosomes” technology that allows to develop a new generation of vaccines and antibodies.

During the UBISTART Tour you will have a Global Networking opportunity: On one day, in one place, meet with 40 French potential partners and relevant US/Canadian actors.

  • To identify strategic partnerships and facilitate synergistic collaborations.
  • To benchmark innovations and best practices already existing in the European pipeline.
  • To reinforce the visibility and the feasibility of your project by connecting with experienced, reputable partners.