CILOA creates its new GMP-compliant production unit

The French biotech company CILOA creates its new GMP-compliant production unit as part of the development of a new generation of exosome-based vaccines and therapeutic vectors.

  • This first production unit is designed to meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, thereby ensuring the autonomy of Ciloa in the development of its biomanufacturing infrastructure and in the progress towards its future clinical studies.
  • The technology developed by Ciloa uses exosomes, small nanovesicles capable of transporting therapeutic proteins, for the development of a new generation of treatments and vaccines, notably in Covid-19 disease.


Montpellier, France, December 8, 2020 – Ciloa, a pioneer company specialized in the in-vivo customization of exosomes, announces the implementation of a production unit designed to meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. This new unit will allow Ciloa to have a complete manufacturing control and independence, starting by the initiation of the clinical phases. Ciloa’s future biomedicines and vaccines based on exosomes will thus comply with the requirements of the Regulatory agencies.

Since its foundation in 2011 by Dr. Robert MAMOUN, former Director of Research at INSERM, and Dr. Bernadette TRENTIN, both experts in molecular virology, Ciloa has been developing its expertise in the customization, production and purification of exosomes. Stemming from two families of patents from the CNRS and the University of Montpellier, this breakthrough technology positions Ciloa as a precursor in the fast-evolving field of exosome innovation.

Ciloa, specialist in exosomes, is developing new generations of therapeutic vectors and vaccines

Exosomes are natural nanovesicles secreted by cells into the extracellular medium. They act as intercellular messengers and deliver specifically functional proteins to targeted cells. Moving throughout the body, they can transmit natural signals that can be used therapeutically to regenerate, modify, multiply or induce apoptosis of the targeted cells.

The technology developed by Ciloa acts on the cellular machinery involved in exosome production. It is the sole technology that allows the in-vivo production of exosomes customized with any proteins. The specific targeting of a diseased organ can be obtained by embedding relevant membrane proteins at their surface, while, proteins or other molecules with therapeutic functions can be loaded inside the exosomes.

Exosomes naturally cross all barriers of the body, including the blood-brain barrier[1], reaching their target and delivering their cargo. Thus, Ciloa’s customized exosomes pave the way to new generations of drug delivery vectors enabling the treatment of several hard to cure diseases, including cancers and neurological diseases.

The exosomes, a solution for the development of virus- and adjuvant-free vaccines

Ciloa is currently working on the development of a new generation of exosome-based vaccines, which does not require the injection of a virus or of an adjuvant. Traditionally, a vaccine contains a living but attenuated pathogen or parts of this agent, possibly combined with an adjuvant to stimulate the immune system. These vaccines trigger immune responses that recognize and eliminate specifically the pathogen preventing subsequent infections.

With Ciloa’s unique approach, the knowledge of the genetic code of the virus is the only pre-requisite for vaccine production. Exosomes carrying viral antigens enable effective and protective vaccination. These exosome-based vaccines do not require part of the pathogen, nor any adjuvant. Ciloa is currently developing several candidate vaccines (including Chikungunya, Zika, Dengue and West Nile) in preclinical phase.

A candidate vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2, virus responsible for Coronavirus 2019 disease is in the development phase (supported by the French Occitanie Region and the French Government within the framework of a Future Investment Program). These first prototypes will allow the validation of the vaccine platform based on Ciloa’s customized exosomes.

This first production unit, designed to meet GMP standards, is in line with our development strategy. It will guarantee our autonomy in our production capacity, in preparation to the clinical development material and during the future commercialization of our innovative therapeutic products. This pivotal step allows us to focus entirely on the development of a new class of innovative biomedicines and vaccines thanks to the fascinating properties of exosomes, and to retain full control of our unique in-vivo customization technology and expertise.” concludes Robert MAMOUN, CEO and co-founder of Ciloa.


About Ciloa:

Ciloa is a French biotech company, spin-off from the CNRS and the University of Montpellier, pioneer in the development of vaccines and exosome-based therapies. Based in Montpellier, it was created in 2011 by Robert MAMOUN and Bernadette TRENTIN. Ciloa has an exclusive patented technology for the in-vivo development of recombinant exosomes in therapeutic and preventive applications.


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1 Barrier between the bloodstream and the brain, protecting the brain from harmful or foreign substances. It is the most difficult barrier in the body to cross.

2 Product added to another to strengthen or complete its action.